New application deadline August 18th

There still are family willing to host for free the contestant during the whole competition

Other significant dates:

August 31st Repertoire changes deadline.
September 26th Rollcall participants and drawn by lot for the order of presentation
September 27th/28th First round
September 29th/30th Second round
October 1st Third round (semifinal)
October 2nd The Finalists will perform tests with an Orchestra
October 3rd Forth round (final) with Orchestra and awards ceremony

about us

The piano competition “Ettore Pozzoli” is a worldwide famous event, with a deep-rooted tradition. Founded in 1959 by Gina Gambini, Ettore’s widow, the competition takes place once every two years to pay a tribute to the great teacher and composer (Seregno, 1873 – 1957) and is open to candidates of both genders and any nationality.
The prestigious Teatro San Rocco in Seregno hosts the demanding candidates screening and the prize-giving ceremony. Important names of the music sceneare included both in the historical jurors record and in the winners record. Outstanding among these is the name of Maestro Maurizio Pollini, who won the much coveted first prize of the competition’s first edition.



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